Don't: Tube Socks

Bad Socks.png
Alfani Men's Socks, Single Pack Spectrum Houndstooth Men's Socks at Macy's.

Alfani Men's Socks, Single Pack Spectrum Houndstooth Men's Socks at Macy's.

What is wrong with the image to the left? 


There are three times when sweat socks/tube socks/sports socks are acceptable in public; at the gym, or when they're 100% invisible (by the way, underneath jeans does not make it 100% invisible).

Going forward, build your collection of socks with, of course, colors and patterns. Argoyles are a decent start, although basic and predictable. Go for houndstooth, checkered, striped, polka dotted... anything.

Keep in mind, socks doesn't mean "dress socks." There is a difference in material and durability. Normal socks can be found everywhere you buy sports socks, you just have to start noticing.


Posted on September 12, 2013 .

Don't: Cargo Shorts

No Cargos.jpg

Please... Gentlemen... 

Do not wear cargo shorts in any form, for any function. There need no further elaboration on this. 

The next upgrade from this would be to chino shorts. They retain a better aesthetic while still keeping it supes casual. 

fvg.'s preferred recommendation are seafarer shorts, which are lightweight, comes in great colors and are the best for everyday outings.


Posted on August 19, 2013 .

Don't: Logo Tees

I am unsure how people acquire these to begin with. Are they freely given away at events? Is one so excited about a brand or ideal, he or she must brand themselves as though it were the scarlet letter?

No matter, logo tees serve unnecessary purpose outside free advertisement.

Instead, opt for a subtle graphic or tasteful pop culture reference like this "Michael Jackson Beat It" tee from 21 Men.

Posted on May 4, 2013 .

Don't: Shredded Jean Hems


This is such an easy fix.

Jean pant legs with shredded openings reek tackiness on your image. Take a pair of scissors to the shreds, and remove all frays. This gives a clean allusion with no fuss.

A novel recommendation: fold your hem up and show some ankle (scandalous). Iron press for a crisp lining; accomplish two goals in one.

You can do a map search for a local tailor who can fix it for cheap, as well.

Posted on May 4, 2013 .

Don't: Toe Shoes


I'm seeing an alarming trend in casual usage of these toe shoes.

I don't dare criticize them for the support and comfort of which I'm sure they're intended; but please, keep them only on the hiking trails.

Posted on May 4, 2013 .

Don't: Wrap-Arounds

I'm sure wrap-around sunglasses have a purpose. Surfing or something; and if you're a nerd, you likely do none of which they're intended.

A suitable substitution may be Ray-Ban's RB3212. It's wider style protects your peripheral vision, if that sort of thing is necessary.

Posted on May 4, 2013 .

Don't: Popped Collar



This is treacherous ground, my friends. A popped collar means so many things to the judge-minded. Least of all is a douchebag image portrayed by the wearer.

I clearly don't need to dwell on this subject, I have faith my audience already knows of this taboo.

Yet just in case... stay away until you have the body language and couture to confidently pull this off.

Posted on May 4, 2013 .