Fashion can be this mysterious thing that you can’t explain.
— Diane von Furstenberg

So what's the deal with this website?

Exactly as the name implies.

Thanks for the specifics, bro. But really, what's your angle?

Fast and easy advice on improving your lifestyle from a techie and nerd, just like you.

Fashion & Video Games is founded and produced by Josimar. He works in technology and the arts, and resides in San Francisco.

Josimar has no formal education in fashion design, nor medical science; just intuition and a love for coordination and helping others improve their lifestyle and living. This website is maintained as a side project with love to all readers, and the utmost respect to the technology community.

Each article is designed in small, bite-sized chunks, because I know the tech-savvy, ADD-at-risk youth already has enough RSS feeds to manage.

Thanks for reading, provide any feedback using the link within the footer of any page.

By the way... what's a Josimar?

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