Fun With Accessories

"Accessories" is my favorite dirty word. Rather, it's a clean word, but they make me feel dirty on the innards.

This is the greatest way to add detail and pizzaz to any attire with absolute minimal effort. The best part is you can be as geeky and introspective as you want. Wear them with solids or related muted tones to truly make them stand out and shine.

The more absurd the print or pattern, the better! Like these "Sock it to Me Squid Sock" from Urban Outfitters. They're so hideous, they're perfect! The Rebel cuff links can be found at Macy's.

Posted on May 14, 2013 .

The Details


Tie bars, clips and tacks... what's the difference?

Their names make them rather obvious, but nevertheless, they are not all equal in the world of neat presentation.

Bars are by far the most versatile as they slide onto any tie and shirt, and produces the least amount of wear on your articles. Tacks often are the most fun way of pinning your tie, as they come in the most unique designs, but are only best for wool knit and linen fabrics. Never use a tack on silk ties, as the pin will bore a permanent hole and will inevitably lead to a run. Lastly, clips are not recommended, as many have teeth which leaves marks and causes runs in the fibers of most fabrics.

This Building Block Tie Tack found on Perpetual Kid is perfect. Imagine all the glances you'd get and people thinking "what a confident gentleman to not only have a tie tack, but it be something so un-ironically playful."

Posted on May 8, 2013 .

The Jacket

Single-button jackets are most vogue, though two-buttoned are the most common you'll find. However, always leave the bottom button unbuttoned. If you're truly brazen, a double-breasted jacket can be more powerful if worn correctly, and is making quite the resurgence. Jackets must be buttoned at all times excluding when the wearer is seated.

Single Button Jacket.png
Posted on May 4, 2013 .

The Fit

Fitted Suit.png

Slender is better, no matter your size. Avoid excess "room," as there will never be a point when one needs a full range of movement within environments where suits are donned. Fit is everything; I always recommend finding a local tailor for any 'off-the-rack' pant and jacket modifications. People will tell a difference.

Posted on May 3, 2013 .